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The Jižní stráň Residential Complex consists of sixteen unique villas designed with the view to the maximum user-friendliness and luxury.  Jižní stráň will certainly be appreciated by those who wish to feel connected with the nature and yet be close to the capital.

All the three types of the villas have an independent two-car garage and they are surrounded by a large garden. The authors of the original solution are well-known architects of Cigler Marani Architects atelier who designed two-storey buildings with a high standard of equipment and making in three sizes of the floor area from 125 m2 to 193 m2. The biggest advantage of the villas is the free layout of the space, maximum use of the natural light, use of natural materials, sense of detail and precise and high-quality performance of the constructions and the interiors. The overall concept of the villas and their surroundings meet the highest user expectations. It provides its inhabitants with maximum functionality, it gives the required privacy, it offers pleasant sports, relax and social entertainment, in an original nature area.  The intention of the project was to keep the authenticity of the locality and therefore the interferences with the original environment have been kept to the minimum during the implementation.

The Jižní stráň Residential Complex is a part of Yard Resort, the unique leisure-time area, which offers a wide range of sports, cultural and relax activities to the residents. The dominating feature of the resort is the reconstructed farm with attractive premises tailored to the leisure time activities. A stylish cafe is located there and a modern restaurant opens in June 2013. The newly completed six-hole golf course will delight all the golf lovers. At present, the nine-hole golf course has been in the stage of the planning and implementation preparation. The residents will have a comfortable access to the YARD premises directly from the common garden of the resort.




Shells of the three buildings in the first stage of the project have been completed. All the buildings have the roofs finished.
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The construction of the municipal pressure sewage system and the domestic waste sewage system (not usual in the projects of the similar type) was completed.
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