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Maximum functionality and reduction of power-consumption costs of the house operation belong to the important themes taken into account in every part of the project. All the villas will be equipped with above-the-standard thermally insulated facades and roofs and with quality three-chamber-system windows. Also, the ventilation has been addressed in a very efficient manner as it brings significant heat loss under usual circumstances. In the case of the villas on offer, the controlled exchange of the air is provided through a small air-conditioning unit with heat recovery.

The functionality and user-friendliness have become our motto and therefore, we have not omitted a thing during the construction of Jižní stráň villas and we have equipped them with the state-of-the-art technologies. Each of them uses a small air-conditioning unit with heat recovery Lossnay; the main source of the heat is the air-water heat pump, Mitsubishi Zubadan type. The technology of the villa interior may be tailored to the specific requirements and completed with multi-split air-conditioning systems for cooling in order to provide internal thermal comfort during the entire year. The advantage of these state-of-the-art cost-efficient technologies is also the fact that the initial investment returns very quickly in the operation costs of the villa, leaving aside the overall luxury of the living and environment-friendly solution.

In order to save your time and effort, the technologies mentioned above are a standard part of the project. As you will be moving into your new home, they will be fully functional. Thus, you may enjoy the luxury knowing that you do not waste energy and you behave in an environmentally friendly manner.





Shells of the three buildings in the first stage of the project have been completed. All the buildings have the roofs finished.
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The construction of the municipal pressure sewage system and the domestic waste sewage system (not usual in the projects of the similar type) was completed.
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